War on Waste Food Photography

December 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We all know that how food looks is essential in how we buy, consume and waste food......for example we purchase ready meals based on the amazing images on the packet, we select or reject vegetables based on appearance or we may try a restaurant solely because of a dish spotted in Instagram. The fact the food photography is everywhere, in the press, on the telly and especially across social media, it occurred to me that it's role in first two catagories (to buy and consume a food product) is well covered but when it come to waste the images aren't usually so tempting

I popped into Waitrose (just before closing) last week with the intention to buying some of their marked down products (those that are reduced due to final day on sale before being thrown away) to photograph and highlight that these products still retain their flavour and original deliciousness. 


This image was from my first set up of mini Lemon & Ginger Tarts, that I'm assuming, would have been thrown away in a few hours as the sell by date was that evening. To me, they still looked perfectly edible and hopefully, you'd be hard pressed to disagreed based on this image. But just to be safe I felt it was only fair that I tested the tarts.....just to be sure ;-). I can happily confirm that they were every bit as delicious as expected! 

I'll be heading down to other supermarkets over the coming weeks to see what other wonderful products I can save from the bin, photograph and then eat. 


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