Boulters Restaurant Food Photography

January 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Its now December and its been a super crazy year so I've only just had time to take stock and catch up on some area's of my food photography business that have taken a slight back seat. My food blog is definitely one such area. So I've set my self a target for the slump between Xmas and New Year to update my blog with some of the more interesting food photography jobs that I've been lucky enough to work on this Year.

The Boulters Restaurant food photography shoot took place in Maidenhead back in back in June and it was a real pleasure to work with Paul and the team who work really hard to create some innovative and delicious food. You really should check out their a la carte menu as it changes on a seasonal basis.

The shoot itself took place in a corner of the main restaurant just before lunch service so I wasn't in the way too much whilst service was underway. After all, all I really need is a table, some window light and collaboration with the kitchen to bring the food out when I'm ready with the set up/ composition. Food can degrade quickly in front of the camera (not to the naked eye but the resolution of my lenses/ camera can make it more obvious) so its essential to have that coordination with the kitchen to shoot quickly once the plate hits my table.

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