Cinnamon Bridge Event Photography for Food Start Up Companies

January 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As I mentioned in on of my previous blog post, I'm looking to becoming even more niche within my photography specialism. When I first left the comfort of corporate life behind and started on the road to my professional photography goal I was a generalist, shooting any job the would bring in some revenue. After a while I realized that this was not the way forward (plus I was not that passionate about many of the photography jobs that were coming my way…..mostly the weddings, which I've now accepted are not for me) and I needed to specialise. My other great passion in life is food and cooking so it dawned on me to combine these two areas and create a business I could be truly proud of and really enjoy getting stuck into. This is how Food Envy Photography started and I've loved it ever since! However, there are always specialism even within a niche and I found that start up food businesses (foodpreneurs) are an even more enjoyable area to operate within.

I feel that imagery and photography are so important to a food business (we eat with our eyes after all), and perhaps even more to a start up food business, as they are having to compete with established companies with large marketing budgets. However, through imagination and creativity we can collaborate to create awesome food photography that will enable the foodprenuer to compete on the same level and attract, not only customers, but investment, wholesales and funding. This is where I discovered Cinnamon Bridge who are an incubator and innovator of start up food businesses who certainly appreciate how important food photography and imagery is to their clients.

I've been lucky enough to attend a number of their start up event in Camden and not only met loads of great start ups but also contacts within the food world and sampled some wonderful new products

Food Envy Photography is a specialist in food/ drink and restaurant photography working with clients across the UK so please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your food photography requirements



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