My first cookbook photography shoot

January 25, 2017  •  1 Comment

The opportunity to work on a cookbook has long been a goal of mine since starting up Food Envy Photography. When I was contacted by Matt and he was proposing producing his own cookbook I couldn't have been more excited but it wasn't until he described the theme that I became really intrigued. His idea is a humorous cookbook that pricks at the pomposity of the whole cookbook industry, including (and I'm glad I was sitting down for this bit) food photography. He is of course right and every successful genre can become a little ridiculous and take itself a little too seriously so sometimes a bit of piss-taking is a good thing (its certainly a good British tradition)!

The cookbook is still in its early stages but it was important to get the photography done at this juncture as much of the humour is visual. The success of the full day's shoot was again down to pre-planning and organisation between Matthew and myself. It was very usful that he had a very clear vision for what he wanted to produce so we could plan each set-up in advance to ensure we had all the food, props and layout ideas before shoot day. With any photography its always great to have a plan, but even more important to be flexible, as an idea in your head does not always translate once you set it up and shoot it. This was the case in a couple of the set-ups but most of the time we just went with the pre-arranged concept


Food Envy Photography would love to talk to you about any ideas or concepts you may have for a cookbook and its food photography so please don't hesitate to get in touch



Gulia Arno(non-registered)
Wow, your photos are so professional! Do you use retouching? Tell me what you think about these tips and ideas for food photography retouching I would like to hear your advice. Thanks in advance!
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