Food Envy Photography is in a fantastic position to be able to offer your business a Total Visual Solution for both your food and the establishment in which you serve it. 

Food Envy Photography specialises in photographing and styling food so looks at its beautiful best, but what can also be very important to consumer is the aesthetic and atmosphere of the venue in which they are eating or drinking. To this end we work with Luminous Photography to offer the opportunity for pubs, bars, restaurants and other venue to showcase their style, decor and ambience via 360° Virtual tour by utilising Google Maps StreetView | Trusted. 

Google StreetView | Trusted allows local businesses to enhance their presence across Google and offers multiple benefits

  1. Stand out in Google Searches, Google Maps, Google+, Google Local across all platforms (desktop. tablet and mobile)

  2. Allows customers to take a fully interactive 360° "walk-through" tour of your business. Its especially useful for trying to attract new customers to the aesthetic/ design/ uniqueness of a business before they can physically visit or purchase from you

  3. You can embed the tours/ POI's into your own website

  4. Stand out from your competition

Why does Google Maps StreetView | Trusted benefit my business?



Please take feel free to take a tour of recent businesses who have taken the opportunity to show off the inside of their venue to fantastic effect

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If you are interested in a 360° virtual tour of your premises or have some questions, then please don't hesitate to get in touch or you can see more information at Luminous Photography. We can offer you a total visual solution for your pub, bar or restaurant by photographing your food/ drink plus an amazing virtual tour of venue in which you serve them.