The Roaring Twenty Project is a photo project to explore and highlight the effect of Covid-19 lockdown's on the lives of those working within the food & hospitality industry. The primary concept is to showcase the frustration, confusion, strength and resilience of industry figures through 20 ‘roaring’ photographic portraits.

The Roaring Twenty Project is also a reference on ‘The Roaring Twenties’. During the early part of the 20th century, the world suffered through the Spanish flu pandemic and First World War resulting in slowing economies and the closing down of sections of society.

Mark Twain reportedly said ‘History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes’ and I think that is certainly true today. There are parallels to a century ago in today’s social upheaval caused by Covid-19, brexit and climate change. These events have led to closing down parts of the economy and to people becoming more socially distanced, risk averse and hesitant to spend money. But with vaccination roll-out and an end to lockdown in sight, we may well see a period of liberation. Hopefully this will result in packed bars, crowded restaurants and flourishing arts similar to the recovery experienced in 1920’s.

The economic rebound that created ‘The Roaring Twenties’ led to huge social change in attitudes and helped to established modern Britain. I’m therefore keen for this to be a positive project. So it will also focus on how hospitality can recover by adapting to take advantage of a ‘bounce’ once people are confident that the vaccinations work, and are confident to socialise in greater numbers.

The Plan

I will be shooting at least 20 individual portraits and combining them into a single image. All portraits will be taken with the same lighting, background and edit to create a consistent look for the individual and group image/s. 

We will try to film every session to create extra content & compliment the portrait to explain how lockdown affected each individual. This is where we can discuss the recovery and how to adapt to benefit once the bounce comes.

If you are have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via my contact page



Tony Parkin - Tony Parkin at The Tudor Rooms



Paul Foster - Salt by Paul Foster




Adam Simmonds - The Mayfair Townhouse




Nick Galer - Chef Patron, The Miller of Mansfield




Jack Adams (General Manager) - Salt by Paul Foster



Mike Warner - A Passion for Seafood



Kris Hall - Founder of The Burnt Chef Project



Lara Norman - Euphoria by Lara Norman



Andy Lennox - Founder of The Wonky Table & Fired Up Hospitality



Justin Sharp - Pea Porridge



Sami Harvey - The Brixton Laundry





Ziyo Gordon - Chef



Gavin Millward - Owner of Country Fare



Matt Budden - Schpoon & Forx & Exec Chef Hilton Bournemouth



Charlie Athorne - Owner of No.5 Angel Hill