Welcome to 'The Food Envy Podcast', a tantalizing journey into the artful world of food presentation! In each episode, we sit down with a top chef who reveals the secrets behind their stunning plate designs and eye-catching food aesthetics.

Get ready to dive deep into their creative process, as they share their inspirations, their favorite tips and tricks, and their passion for turning each dish into a work of art. But that's not all! Each conversation culminates with a real-time plating demo, where our guest chefs bring their food styling wisdom to life right before your eyes. Whether you're a home cook looking to jazz up your meals, a budding chef seeking to hone your skills, or a food lover curious about what happens behind the scenes in your favorite restaurants, 'The Food Envy Podcast' is your front-row ticket to the enchanting world of culinary aesthetics. So, set your table, tune in, and let's transform your next meal into a masterpiece together on The Food Envy Podcast! 

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Chef Alex Naik


Chef Ben Watson


Chef Scott Smith

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Chef Nick Galer